Cane Corso Amber Eyes

Cane Corso Eyes — A Beginner’s Guide

Cane Corso’s eyes can be very striking. The color of their eyes can be various shades of amber, light brown, gold, yellow. They can even appear red, but this is really a deep amber. These colors are often seen with dark brown pigmentation on the eyelids and black coloring around the outer corners of the eyes. Cane Corsos are also known for their deep, dark brown eyes which can be quite striking when set against a lighter coat color.

Cane Corso Puppy

How Much Do You Feed A Cane Corso Puppy?

Feeding a Cane Corso is a very important subject, because it affects the health and well-being of your puppy. Getting this right is crucial, because it determines whether your Cane Corso pup will grow correctly. Getting it wrong increases the risk of problems with bones and joints, which can be significant.

This article will explore how much you should feed your Cane Corso puppy, how often to feed him, how long to feed him puppy food, when to start feeding him adult food, and what types of food are best for him.

Cane Corso Puppy

How To Stop Your Cane Corso From Barking

The Cane Corso is a large dog with a loud and deep bark. Cane Corsos were originally bred as a guard dog and their barking is usually an indication of something or someone they perceive as a threat. Here, we’ll discuss how to deal with your Cane Corso barking, and we’ll provide you with some helpful tips and ideas.

Cane Corso And Cat

Are Cane Corsos Aggressive?

Are Cane Corsos aggressive? No. This is not an inherently aggressive dog. The Cane Corso was never bred to be a fighting dog. He does however have a strong protective instinct. Cane Corsos are very large, strong dogs, and they have a tremendous bite force. All of which means that they could be very dangerous if they become out of control.

Italian cane-corso dog

Can A Cane Corso Be A Hunting Dog? Here’s The Truth…

The Cane Corso is definitely a hunting dog. This breed has the size and strength to take down large prey, while its intelligence and loyalty make it easy to train. In addition, the temperament of the Cane Corso is ideal for hunting. If you are looking for a breed that can be used for this type of work, the Cane Corso should be at the top of your list.

Cane Corso LazyBoy

Do Cane Corsos Drool? All Is Revealed!

Do Cane Corsos drool, and how much? The cane Corso is a mastiff breed, and mastiffs tend to drool more than many other dog breeds. The mastiff breeds tend to have looser lips and bigger jowls than most breeds. This is the breed characteristic which can lead to slobber. However, in general, Cane Corsos have tighter lips than other mastiffs, and therefore tend to drool less than most mastiffs.

Cane Corso Breed

Cane Corso Breed — Read This First

The Cane Corso breed rose in popularity again recently, according to the American Kennel Club, showing 25th in the most popular dogs list for 2020. This probably explains the growing number of questions about this great dog breed. Here, we have compiled useful Cane Corso breed information, along with the traits, characteristics and temperament typically found in Cane Corsos, and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Cane Corso Sofa

Cane Corso Facts — 19 Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few misconceptions out there about Cane Corsos. We’ll clear those up and answer other interesting questions about Cane Corso temperament, breed characteristics, training etc. Here are 19 of the questions most frequently asked by people who are thinking about getting a Cane Corso — or people who are just interested to find out more about this great dog breed.

Attention Dog

5 Easy Dog Tricks For Beginners

There’s nothing quite like having your dog able to perform a few quick tricks. It’s fun for you, and your dog loves it too. Your friends will laugh when they see it, and it’s a really feelgood factor, all round. We need a first easy dog trick to get started, and a quick look at how and why your dog will learn to do it

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