6 Best CBD Products

Best CBD Product For Dogs

Best CBD Product For Dogs

By Robert Hawkins
May 16, 2022

ElleVet CBD Oil For Dogs is our #1 choice, because:

(1) they are the only manufacturer to date which has conducted clinical tests.

(2) A trial at Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences showed that CBD is safe and well-tolerated in dogs.

(3) The same study also showed that CBD is most efficiently delivered in the form of oral oil.

*Endorsed by veterinarians in a double-blind placebo study from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

ElleVet's products are formulated to relieve discomfort, increase mobility, manage stress and help with senior dog issues and skin irritation.

ElleVet products are the only products scientifically proven to work in over 80% of dogs.

Common applications:

Joint Discomfort
Decreased Mobility
Anxiety And Stress
Situational Stress
Itchy or Irritated Skin
Senior Dog Issues

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Some Extra Information From Our Research

From the beginning, as we researched CBD, two things were paramount:

  1. The overall product, CBD itself, must be safe
  2. The manufacturers must have a strong basis in science, and rigorous quality control — including third-party lab testing

ElleVet stood out immediately, because they are the only manufacturer to date which has conducted clinical tests.

ElleVet conducted the first ever double-blind placebo study at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, on dogs with multi-joint discomfort associated with osteoarthritis. Over 80% of dogs using chews show dramatic improvement in mobility.

In collaboration with Cornell University College, ElleVet conducted the first clinical study examining how CBD is metabolized by dogs. ElleVet determined the first proven administration structure designed for best results.

Beyond the stated facts, Dr. Joseph Wakshlag, an associate professor of clinical nutrition at Cornell, said that the research showed "a significant decrease in pain and increase in activity" with no observable side effects. He added "...When the patients were on industrial-hemp oil with enriched CBD in it, the dogs did remarkably better. The older and more decrepit they were, the more pronounced the improvement."

He also added that CBD will "change the face of pain management probably for years to come."

Clearly this study was a step forward for CBD.

And we felt that ElleVet deserves recognition for being the first to step up and prove that their product works.

Clearly, you can be confident in choosing ElleVet's CBD Oil For Dogs — and your pet will thank you for your efforts to improve his life.

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