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You want to know all about these great dogs. What are they like? What’s it like to live with them? Are they a good fit for you and your family?

You want to know the good points — and the bad — about their temperament, their training, their care and their potential health issues.

I'm Robert Hawkins, and with me on the left are my wife Lucinda with our female Cane Corso, Maud, and our male Cane Corso, Hermie.

We’ve been Cane Corso owners for 13 years now. And we've owned various other breeds for many more years than that. We've been lifelong dog owners.

Just like you, we’ve enjoyed watching dog videos on YouTube and reading about the stories of others and the information they have to share.

We saw many questions about Cane Corsos. And the questions were increasing in number as these great dogs started to rise up in the ranks of the AKC most popular breeds.

And we saw many questions that had not been directly answered. Or not answered at all.

So we started this site to answer those questions, from an owner’s perspective and from our long experience as dog owners.

Our long journey with our Cane Corsos has been a very happy one. And full of surprises. We’ll share as much of it as we can.

We don’t always agree with popular opinion. So, we tell it like it is. And you can be sure that you are getting our genuine thoughts, opinions and experiences.

We’re glad to have you here, on our site — do check out some of our articles over on the right, and our recommended resources up on the top menu.

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