Pet Assure

Pet Assure is America's top rated Veterinary Plan. It's a great alternative to Pet Insurance.

Vet bills for our two big Cane Corsos have been very high. But, you know even with our cats, we've had vet bills as high as $700! Pet Assure is a great way to deal with these bills -- and there are no exclusions and no deductibles.

Every in-house medical service is covered, even pre-existing conditions.

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How Pet Assure Works

  1. Enroll your pet. It takes less than 2 minutes!
  2. Take your ID card to a local network veterinarian
  3. The vet gives you an instant discount on all in-house medical services

Pet Assure Benefits

All types of pets accepted. Dogs, cats, birds, monkeys, llamas (really!) and every other member of the animal kingdom
Absolutely no exclusions - every medical procedure is covered
No age limitations
No medical condition or service is excluded
All pre-existing conditions accepted
No claim ever denied
No forms to fill out
Zero deductibles

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