Cane Corso Cold Weather

Cane Corso In Hot And Cold Weather — Everything Explained

Today’s typical Cane Corso is not really an outside dog. They are prone to overheating in conditions of high heat or humidity. Cane Corsos are not well-equipped to handle extreme cold either. They do have a double coat, which helps, but they are short-haired, which limits their natural protection from the cold. Cane Corsos can handle a range of conditions of moderate heat or cold, but should not be expected to stay outside all day long in the hot sun, cold weather, or snow

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Cane Corso Amber Eyes

Cane Corso Eyes — A Beginner’s Guide

Cane Corso’s eyes can be very striking. The color of their eyes can be various shades of amber, light brown, gold, yellow. They can even appear red, but this is really a deep amber. These colors are often seen with dark brown pigmentation on the eyelids and black coloring around the outer corners of the eyes. Cane Corsos are also known for their deep, dark brown eyes which can be quite striking when set against a lighter coat color.

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