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Why Does My Dog Lay On Me? (Explained)

There are a few possible reasons why your dog lays on you. It could be for comfort and security, for protection, for attention, or just part of a feeling of affection. It is also possible for the reason to be separation anxiety, but this is less common.

Crate Training A Dog — Here’s What I Learned

Many people ask about the easiest way to train their dog. Where does crate training fit in? Perhaps you’re wondering the same thing. We’ve done a lot of research, and had a lot of experience over the years. This is what we found. Crate training your dog is a great thing for both you and your dog

Cane Corso Size — The Vital Statistics

What is the average size for a Cane Corso dog? They average between 100-130 lbs for a male Cane Corso, and between 90-110 lbs for a female Cane Corso. Bigger is not better. Cane Corsos are not intended to be the biggest mastiff breed, they are valued for their speed and agility. Bulking them up beyond their intended size compromises their agility and is detrimental to their health and longevity.

Can Cane Corsos Live With Other Dogs? (Explained)

Can Cane Corsos live with other dogs? The answer is, yes. Our Cane Corsos have lived with dogs who were older, dogs who were younger, dogs who were bigger and dogs who were smaller. They have lived with males, females, their own breed and other breeds. They have even lived with cats. They are a great family dog.

Are Cane Corsos Dangerous? (Owners’ Answers)

A Cane Corso is not an inherently dangerous dog. Any dog must be handled responsibly and the larger the dog breed, the more significant the consequences of any bad behavior. But, if you follow some simple guidelines, there is no reason why your Cane Corso should be a dangerous dog.

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