How To Leash Train A Cane Corso — Step By Step In Detail

Updated Sep 2, 2022

Cane Corso Leash Training

Leash training your Cane Corso is an essential step in his development. A Cane Corso is a huge dog that must be under control when walking. And walking is a great way to keep both you and your dog healthy.

So, leash training is one of the basic drills for your Cane Corso puppy. The beauty and calm temperament of the Cane Corso may deceive you — particularly when he is still a cute and adorable puppy. But, make no mistake, training the dog to use a leash is crucial.

In the next section, we'll look at exactly how you do that.



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Basic Steps In Leash Training

Equipment needed

Appropriate collar thickness for size of dog. A larger dog needs a larger, wider, collar
The Collar should not be too tight. You should be able to fit 2 fingers between neck and collar.
Tags with identification and rabies tag. Hopefully your dog will be tattooed or microchipped. This is in case the dog gets free and runs off.
6 ft leash, strong
Harness with attachments on chest. Again good and tough. I never used a harness, it’s a matter of choice. But this isn’t going to be like a French bulldog or other small dogs. It will end up with a very substantial dog.
Treats — something very tasty
Dog poop bags. You must be a responsible dog owner and clean up after your puppy.

Basic Steps

Attach leash to collar
Make sure his attention is on you. The easiest way to do this is to offer a treat
Your dog should be on your left, his head should be next to your left calf
The lead should be held loosely in your left hand and then across your body, with the end of the leash held tight in your right hand.
It should be nice and slack. Like a horse with reins, the puppy can feel the tension and you want this experience to be relaxed
Now you’re ready to step out. Give him the command ‘Heel’ or ‘walk’. You decide
It could be any word as long as you stick to it consistently
Keep checking he’s watching you. If you stop, he should stop
The command ‘Sit’ is good for when you’re about to cross a road. When you’re ready to move off, use your ‘Heel’ or ‘Walk’ command
During these early days, remember your positive rewards. These can be a tiny treat, about the size of a bean or piece of kibble
If you’re giving lots of treats, you may have to adjust his meals . You don’t want an overweight dog
Keep your walks short in the beginning. He’s young and growing, and his attention span is pretty short
It’s a good idea to take him out for training after he’s been in his crate. He will be champing at the bit, and ready for those treats
When you’re walking in public and come across another dog, get a treat ready to distract him from the oncoming dog. You want him to learn to ignore the dog. Also, you don’t want him engaging and starting a fracas. That’s going to be a disaster when he’s a full-grown giant
Praise him — tell him he’s a good boy whenever he obeys your command

The whole idea of training your Cane Corso from a puppy is like the elephant and the post. Where a huge full-grown elephant remains tethered to a post because that’s what he learned as a youngster.

Same thing with your giant Cane Corso — you will have earned his trust and respect, and he will see you as the leader who knows what’s best. So he won’t drag you down the street. They are very powerful, and they could very easily decide they know what’s best for their human.

If you have not established a relationship, it's much easier with a puppy than with an older dog. The puppy has just left its mother and its litter mates, and he is looking for a leader. It’s relatively easy at this point to establish yourself as the leader, and to get the puppy to take guidance and instructions from you.

Since the dog needs daily exercise, it’s important for him to learn how to walk on a leash from a young age. You will not have trouble with an adult Cane Corso dog when properly trained.

Can You Let A Cane Corso Off The Leash?

You should not let your Cane Corso off the leash in any public area. However well trained he is, there is always the possibility that another dog causes trouble. Your Cane Corso puppy will grow into a giant dog and, to prevent any accident or incident, he should remain firmly under your control.

When starting the training, establish yourself as the leader, and he will obey your commands. However, the dog will easily overstep the boundaries if you fail to show consistent leadership. Thus, be strict with your Cane Corso the avoid any unwanted behavior.

Cane Corso Leash Aggression

The Cane Corso can have a forceful personality and can be aggressive when leashed. This is because he doesn't feel in control in a stressful situation, when restricted by a leash. The dog can quickly take over from you if you do not lead it from the beginning.

When training a Cane Corso on using a leash, you are advised to start the training early. The dog can take in your commands easily at a young age and remember them throughout his adult life.

Watch for any indications of aggression when taking it for a walk, and nip it in the bud quickly. You must take charge of this. If the young dog sees you as the leader, it will naturally obey your commands without question.

Leash training is crucial in controlling the dog’s temperament and establishing your dominance.

It is also a constant reminder for the dog that you are the leader and thus, a simple walk every day helps with all his behavioral habits.

How Do You Stop A Cane Corso From Pulling?

Here’s how you stop a Cane Corso from pulling you when on the leash.

Introduce the leash by placing it on the crate or floor and letting the dog smell it.

Try and make your Cane Corso comfortable around the leash. Then, occasionally put on the leash when he’s in the house and watch his reaction. If the Cane Corso puppy shows signs of being upset, remove the leash and try again later until he becomes comfortable with it.

When the dog shows signs that he’s comfortable with the leash, you can try going for a short walk.

Remember to show the dog you are the boss, and make sure he takes instructions from you from the beginning. As you take the first steps with the puppy, take frequent breaks.

Train the puppy always to step when you step, without pulling him. When the dog does well, give him praise and a treat.

Treats are obviously not forever, but they can be very helpful in encouraging good behavior in the beginning. You can gradually phase them out as the dog establishes the right habits.

Are Cane Corsos Easy To Train?

Cane Corsos are typically easy to train. Training a puppy will be easier than training an adult dog. Puppies are easier to control and have no bad habits to break.

Cane Corso puppies are intelligent, eager to please, and typically have a calm temperament, making them ideal for training. Once a Cane Corso learns a command, it will retain it for the rest of its life.

Hence, a Cane Corso puppy is not only a cute bundle of joy in your house, but you can quickly train it. The Cane Corso’s eventual physical size and strength will not be an issue for you when it has grown up used to taking instructions from you.

A mature Cane Corso may well be assertive, and has established behavioral habits. Hence, it becomes more challenging to train an adult Cane Corso.

An untrained, adult Cane Corso will give you a headache when walking, since it lacks the discipline to follow the rules. It will lean towards following its desires and may pull you in whatever direction it finds interesting.

However, training is quite a simple task once you have established respect and a good relationship. The dog will then take commands from you.

How Long Does Leash Training A Puppy Take?

Since every Cane Corso has its unique personality, it’s not really possible to define a specific period. However, consistent practice will ensure that training is fast and effective.

The more repetition, the better. If you train your Cane Corso once per day, it may take some time for the Cane Corso to learn how to walk on the leash.

But if you can commit to short training sessions several times a day, it will take less time, and you can have your dog ready to mingle with the public quite quickly.

At What Age Do You Put A Leash On A Puppy?

Puppies have fragile bones, and you have to be careful not to overdo their exercise. Taking them out for potty training several times a day and play time will provide all the exercise a young puppy needs.

However, they do need to learn to walk on leash, and they do need socializing.

So it is as well to combine these activities were possible. For example, you can get the puppy used to walking on a leash each time he goes out for puppy training.

And you can take him for short walks on the leash — just be mindful of the total amount of exercise he is getting.

We have done a full article on this here:
How Far To Walk A Cane Corso Puppy

Also, for his own safety, be aware that your puppy should not go outside your garden until two weeks after he has had all his shots.

Is It Better To Leash Train With A Harness Or Collar?

Here is a comparison that will help you choose between using a collar or harness to leash train your Cane Corso.

Leash Training With A Collar

The use of collars when leashing puppies is a tradition that has been around for decades. Traditional dog trainers or owners habitually use collars as they are quick and easy to fit on young dogs.

And a collar is safe as long as it is properly fitted and used appropriately. A collar is perfectly suitable when taking the dog for a short walk.

Leash Training With A Harness

A harness is suitable for taking your dog for hikes and other outdoor activities.

A harness is secure and safe, and comfortable for the dog. Also, leashing puppies using a harness is safe since it does not pose any danger to their necks.

What Is The Best Length Leash For A Puppy?

When training a puppy to be an excellent family dog, leash length is vital since it helps the dog get used to being around people.

A six-foot leash is typical when training Cane Corso puppies. This size offers the proper balance of giving the puppy freedom and allowing the trainer to control it.

How Do You Leash Train A Stubborn Dog?

Training a stubborn dog requires more patience and caution, as it can be frustrating.

However, there are no shortcuts in training. You have to show the dog lots of love even when he is not responding to your instructions. Also, you will need essential equipment such as dog treats and maybe a pouch to carry them, and you may be best with a comfortable harness.

How Do I Stop My Older Dog From Pulling On The Leash?

Before setting out to train an adult Cane Corso, you need to have attractive treats to help you when the dog pulls the leash. One can use pre-made treats or use dog food broken into small bits.

Using treats is one of the most effective ways of preventing a mature Cane Corso from pulling on the leash when taking a walk.

Also, you need to be patient and have a positive attitude when the dog is not getting it.

You need to establish a consistent way of communicating with the dog when it needs to stop pulling. Pick a single word to use as a command, and then use the same word every time. ‘Wait’ is a good choice.

How Do You Discipline A Cane Corso?

Discipline is, of course, an essential aspect of training a Cane Corso. However, you should understand the history of Cane Corso dogs and their general temperament.

The Cane Corso is an Italian Mastiff, and a descendant of the ancient Molossers. They were later bred to be guard dogs and protectors of both livestock and humans.

More recently, breeding practices have adapted to modern needs. Today’s Cane Corso is bred to be a family dog and a slightly ‘softer’ version of his ancestors. Nevertheless, he is an independent spirit, and you can expect him to be occasionally headstrong and individual.

Avoid using force when disciplining a Cane Corso since it’s likely to become stubborn. Positive reinforcement is all you need to ensure the dog is responsive. Use words, toys, and treats to get the dog to do what you want.

It’s best to find your own way of talking to the dog, communicating your pleasure when he responds well to your instructions. A change of tone will quickly communicate your displeasure, when necessary. This is all that is necessary because your Cane Corso will want to please you.

When you bring your Cane Corso puppy home, introduce him to the family and ensure he learns his place in the family.

Always be dominant and rebuke when necessary to avoid any aggressive or dominant behavior. You may never see this behavior from your Cane Corso, but do not let it go if you do. You don’t want a large dog becoming unruly.

How To Socialize A Cane Corso Puppy

Socializing your Cane Corso dog means training him to be part of the family, and also how to behave in public.

Socializing a Cane Corso puppy involves training him to be comfortable around people and quickly adapt to different environments. It means you help the dog identify other people, smells, animals, buildings, dogs, and sights without showing signs of anxiety or aggression.

When a puppy is young, it’s essential to train it to encounter everyday things until adulthood. You teach the dog how to treat suspicious people and defend your family members on attaining their adult age.

Such training ensures the dog is not afraid of people and he can protect you when the need arises. Also, it helps him relate to other dogs without any issues.

A good way to socialize your Cane Corso puppy is to take him to public areas where he can naturally mingle with dogs and other people.

Most people immediately think of the park, but the park can be problematic. It’s always possible for your puppy to run into an older dog who is not well trained. Some dogs just don’t like other dogs.

An alternative with less risk is to take your puppy to large stores and shopping areas where dogs are allowed. Many garden centers are OK with dogs. This way, all other dogs will be on the leash and risks are more controlled.

How To Pick The Best Cane Corso Puppy

Choosing the perfect Cane Corso puppy to keep in your home is an area where you should enlist the help of your breeder.

A reputable breeder will be breeding dogs suitable for a family as a priority. He will know the temperament of his individual puppies, and be able to help you select a puppy suitable for you.

The first thing to look out for is a good temperament. You need to pick a puppy which is not too alpha, but it should be playful, curious, and courageous when it’s around people.

Finally, training a Cane Corso dog on using a leash is a lifelong task. You will need to conduct a refresher course when they seem to forget occasionally. Also, patience and a positive attitude work wonders with dogs.

Rewarding your Cane Corso with a treat every time he completes a task encourages him to respond to your instructions. From the start, show the dog you are the boss, to ensure that he responds to your instructions.

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