Cane Corso Temperament

Cane Corso Pros and Cons for Families — Myths Busted

Discover the pros and cons of the Cane Corso, a majestic and powerful breed, in our comprehensive exploration tailored for families considering this Italian Mastiff as their next pet. In this article, we look into the unique characteristics, temperament, and specific needs of the Cane Corso, providing invaluable insights for potential owners. From understanding their …

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Cane Corso Behavior

Cane Corso Behavior. Here’s The Deal…

Cane Corso behavior is important because the Cane Corso is a large, muscular dog with a big personality. The natural behavior tendencies of a dog like this are very important, because a powerful dog can obviously be dangerous if he does not behave well.

Are Cane Corsos Smart

Are Cane Corsos Smart? Answers From Research And Experience

Cane Corsos are fast becoming a very popular dog breed. They are intelligent and have a lot of personality. Many people recognize that Cane Corsos are smart — one obvious reason is that they are able to learn new things quickly. Cane Corsos are naturally bright and perceptive. They typically respond well to training, and are loyal family pets. They can easily learn commands such as sit, stay, heel, roll over, and fetch.

We’ll get straight into the details…

Cane Corso Cat

Are Cane Corsos Friendly? Ask An Owner!

There is not a single overall answer to the question ‘are Cane Corsos friendly?’ It kind of depends…

Cane Corsos are not aggressive by nature. But certain circumstances could cause them to become aggressive. The question is too broad for a single answer.

It’s going to depend on who they are interacting with, and under what circumstances.

Let’s break the question down a bit.

Cane Corso And Cat

Are Cane Corsos Aggressive?

Are Cane Corsos aggressive? No. This is not an inherently aggressive dog. The Cane Corso was never bred to be a fighting dog. He does however have a strong protective instinct. Cane Corsos are very large, strong dogs, and they have a tremendous bite force. All of which means that they could be very dangerous if they become out of control.

Cane Corso

Cane Corso Temperament — The Essentials Explained

In this article, we’re going to look at all aspects of Cane Corso temperament, so that you can quickly see whether this is the dog for you, your circumstances, and your family. When we talk about Cane Corso temperament, we are really talking about the nature of the dog and how that nature will influence the way that the dog tends to behave under various circumstances.

Cane Corso Puppy

Is A Cane Corso Good For A First Time Owner?

The Cane Corso is probably not a good choice for a first time dog owner. It’s not because he is inherently aggressive or dangerous — he isn’t. It’s because he is a very large, strong and muscular dog, and the consequences of his being out of control are therefore high. Accordingly, there must be no question of who is in charge. A person who has not owned a dog before will perhaps not be able to recognize how essential this is.

Cane Corsos And Cats

Are Cane Corsos Good With Kids? (Essential Info)

Obviously you must be careful when considering bringing any dog into a family with small children. And because the Cane Corso is a large, strong and muscular dog, you must be extra cautious. In this article we will carefully consider the question of whether a Cane Corso dog is good with kids

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