Cane Corso Dog Breeders — What New Owners Should Know

Cane Corso Breeders

Choosing a good Cane Corso dog breeder is really important, on a variety of levels.

The type and temperament of the puppy you bring home will have a very large effect over the length of his life with you. And his lineage and earliest weeks are his very foundation.

In this article, we’ll look at all the important points concerning Cane Corso breeders.

To start with, the type and nature of the pups that the dog breeder provides will be a result of the market that the dog breeder is providing for.

What does that mean? Good question. It means…

What Type Of Breeder Is Best For You?

Some breeders will likely be recognized for producing show animals, others will be recognized for producing family pets. And some dog breeders will cater to the market that is looking for intimidating-looking dogs.

So, first, you must pick a breeder who is actually producing the type of Cane Corso dog that you are seeking.

When that hurdle is overcome, you know you will be selecting your young puppy from a litter that satisfies your basic demands, to start with.

From there, your dog breeder can assist you towards your ideal selection from within the litter.

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If you are searching for a household pet dog, you probably don't want the most alpha puppy in the litter. Nor do you really want the puppies who are the runt of the litter. You most likely want a young puppy with a middle-of-the-road personality.

This will give you the best base material to deal with, so to speak. A young puppy such as this is going to respond well to your care, your affection, and your discipline and training. A young puppy similar to this provides you the best possible probability of having the ideal household pet dog when he eventually becomes an adult.

And as stated earlier, due to the fact that this is such a large breed dog, a well-behaved pet with a calm and dependable character is extremely important. Your Cane Corso must be easy for you to manage, for your peace of mind.

You can acquire a lot of information about any breeder you are considering from their website. But it is much better if you can visit the breeder face to face.

You quickly get a feel for what the breeder is about, and what his or her young puppies seem like and, most significantly, what his breeding dogs are like. It's important to meet the mother, and also ideally the father of the young puppy you are contemplating.

Calm and steady parents are more likely to produce puppies that are also going to grow into calm, steady mature dogs

What To Look For in A Responsible Breeder

The Breeder Will Specialize In Cane Corsos

The best breeders focus on just one breed. It's possible for a good reader to have more than one breed, but the more specialized the breeder, the more expertise he is likely to accumulate.

The Breeder Will Be Happy To Meet You Face-To-Face

A responsible breeder wants to know where and who their pups are going to.

Breeders should be expected to have good facilities, with everything they need to take comprehensive care of their dogs. They should be happy to talk you through this.

And the breeder will also have questions for you. Breeders who are reputable will screen prospective owner applicants. They want to be sure that Cane Corso is a suitable breed for you

Meet The Mother Of The Litter And, If Possible, The Father Too

You should be able to meet the mother in pretty much all cases. But it would be good to meet the father too, if possible. If the father is not on the breeder's premises, you should be able to get plenty of information about him. The breeder should be able to provide pictures, maybe even video. And the breeder should definitely have full information about the father's health and temperament.

Puppies Are Not Always Available

Sometimes you may have to wait for a new litter. Good breeders don't have too many breeding females, and do not overbreed their dogs

Parents Of The Litter Are Screened For Health Problems

Like all dog breeds, Cane Corsos are susceptible to some known health problems. A responsible breeder won't breed from parents suffering from these ailments. Each breed has specific tests that are performed on the parents prior to breeding to give the highest probability for healthy puppies.

Complete Health Records

It's obviously essential that you start off with a healthy puppy. You should be provided with complete health records for your puppy, with contact information for the veterinarian. You should be able to call the vet if you need to. Your puppy should have been seen by the vet a couple of times before you take it home.

The Puppies Will Typically Remain With The Breeder Until They're Eight Weeks Old

Good breeders will make sure that puppies spend enough time with their mother and littermates. This is a very important phase, when new pups are learning how to behave with other dogs.

A Reputable Breeder Will Give A Guarantee

The top Cane Corso breeders will provide a guarantee for the life of your Cane Corso. They want to be sure that their pups are in safe homes throughout their life. If you have to give up your pet for some unknown reason, a caring breeder would prefer for the dog to return to them instead of going to an unknown shelter.

How To Recognize A Reputable Cane Corso Breeder

Ask yourself these questions:

Does This Breeder Seem Genuinely Enthusiastic About Cane Corsos As A Breed?

Some breeders have a clear love for the breed. It’s plain to see in their conversation and their attitude towards their dogs. Other breeders may be in it more for the money.

Does This Breeder Talk About Cane Corso Breed-Related Health Problems?

Most dog breeds have a historical tendency to suffer from certain health issues. Cane Corsos are known to be susceptible to hip dysplasia. They may also suffer from eye problems such as entropion or ectropion. There can be a tendency toward bloat, or gastric torsion.

A good breeder will discuss these things openly and be prepared to talk about the complete health records of his breeding dogs and puppies

Does This Breeder Provide Results Of Health Testing?

In addition to discussing these issues, your Cane Corso breeder should provide health testing results.

Is This Breeder Offering Ongoing Support?

Your life with your new Cane Corso puppy is only just beginning when you take him home from the breeder. As you take over responsibility for care of your dog, your breeder can be a valuable source of advice. Make sure that ongoing support is part of the deal.

Is This Breeder Supplying A Contract?

A written contract signed by both parties leaves no room for misunderstanding. A reputable breeder who accepts responsibility where appropriate will have a standard contract setting out exact terms under which the puppy is supplied.

What Is The Breeder’s Stance On Ear Cropping?

Cropping Cane Corso ears was standard practice, but that is changing. Supporters of ear cropping have claimed that it benefits the dog in various ways. But the medical profession has stated pretty much unanimously that there is no real medical benefit to ear cropping.

Ear cropping is no longer required for breed standards.

Nevertheless, some breeders still insist on cropping ears and will not supply a puppy any other way.

You’ll have to decide for yourself where you stand on this, but you shouldn’t be bound by outdated dogma, and it’s not the place of a breeder to decide for you — make sure you have a choice.

The Importance Of Today’s Cane Corso Breeder

It is important to understand the function of the modern-day Cane Corso dog breeder. Selective breeding practices with dogs bring about quick changes in the dog’s nature.

Like the breeders of old, today's dog breeder is seeking to enhance the features and also the personality of the Cane Corso, with today's market in mind.

And today's application, for today's Cane Corso is a lot more as a household dog than a working defense canine on a farm. So, the personality of today's Cane Corso is much more in accordance with a household pet than it would have been in ancient history.

While the history is intriguing, and also vital to bear in mind when taking into consideration the Cane Corso's nature, it is today's breeding methods that will certainly have the largest effect on the modern Cane Corso personality.

What Kind Of Temperament Should You Expect From Your Cane Corso?

The Cane Corso has an even, stable temperament. They are eager to please, they are clever, and highly trainable. They are watchful and devoted toward their household and, although they can display aggressiveness if provoked, the Cane Corso is by nature a gentle, affectionate animal.

However, we know that individual Cane Corsos have differences in temperament. This is where your Cane Corso breeder can help you, by talking through the individual puppies in the litter, and their differences in nature.

How Much Will A Cane Corso Puppy Cost?

For a high-quality purebred Cane Corso, you can pay upwards of $5,000. An average price would be lower, from $1,500 to $2,500. Prices rise according to the lineage. We have a full article on this — read more here:
Cane Corso Price — What You Should Know

In Summary

Decide on what is important to you about your intended Cane Corso puppy.
Find a breeder who:

Has the same values
Has a clear love for the breed
Cares about the dogs he produces
Cares about the home his puppy goes to
Has good facilities
Has a contract that provides for ongoing support
And most importantly is someone you get on with and feel you can trust — don’t ignore your instincts!
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