Cane Corso Eyes — A Beginner’s Guide

Updated Aug 30, 2022

Cane Corso Amber Eyes

Cane Corso Eyes -- Quick Facts

Cane Corsos' eyes are typically amber, light brown, gold, or yellow, with deep, dark brown being common. Blue eyes in this breed are rare and considered a fault, usually changing color as puppies grow. Persistent blue eyes in adults suggest a genetic defect. 

The eyes can even appear red, but this is really a deep amber.

These colors are often seen with dark brown pigmentation on the eyelids and black coloring around the outer corners of the eyes. Cane Corsos are also known for their deep, dark brown eyes which can be quite captivating when set against a lighter coat color.


In this article, we will take a look at the different colors that Cane Corso's eyes can be, their relation to coat colors, and some of the potential problems that they may experience.

Do Cane Corsos Have Blue Eyes?

The answer is no, not under normal circumstances. Blue eyes are considered a fault in the breed according to the AKC breed standards. It is rare to see Cane Corso adults with blue eyes.

Do Cane Corso Eyes Stay Blue?

They should not. Cane Corso puppies may be born with blue eyes, but the eyes will normally change to one of the other colors.

The shade of the eye color may deepen as they get older, but it is unlikely that they will keep their blue eyes.

If a Cane Corso's eyes stay blue, it is likely that they have a genetic defect and should not be bred.



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Do Cane Corsos Eyes Always Change Color?

Mostly, they do. Eventually the blue eyes of Cane Corso puppies will change color due to several different processes that take place as they grow older.

When a puppy is first born, its eye color can be anywhere from blue to dark brown. During the first six months of their life, Cane Corso's eyes will change color multiple times before reaching their final, permanent shade.

Some Cane Corsos will have eyes that stay the same color throughout their lives. However, the majority of them will change at some point. The age at which they change can vary depending on the dog.

When Do Cane Corso Puppies Eyes Change Color?

The age at which they change can vary depending on the dog. Blue eyes in Cane Corso puppies will usually change to one of the other colors by the time they are six months old.

Some puppies may change eye color earlier or later than this.

What Eye Colors Can Cane Corsos Have?

Amber, light brown, gold, and yellow, are the normal eye colors of a Cane Corso. With the deeper shades of amber almost looking red — especially when combined with a very dark coat color.

These colors may be seen in different combinations and shades, depending on the dog.

Cane Corso Amber Eyes

Amber eyes are a common occurrence in Cane Corsos. They may be found in many shades. Amber eyes are considered to be the most desirable eye color for the breed according to the AKC breed standards.

Cane Corso Gold Eyes

Gold eyes are also a common eye color in Cane Corsos. They are most likely a shade or variant of amber or light brown eyes. Gold eyes are considered to be the second most desirable eye color for the breed according to the AKC breed standards.

Cane Corso Yellow Eyes

Yellow eyes are actually a cause for disqualification according to the AKC standard, which favors as dark an eye possible, for the coat color in question.

Cane Corso Eye Colors In Relation To Coat Colors

Coat color can often be a predictor of a Cane Corso's eye color. Dogs with lighter coats will generally have lighter-colored eyes, while dogs with darker coats will have darker eyes.

There are exceptions to this rule, for instance, the red or fawn Cane Corso that has darker eyes but, in general, coat color and eye color tend to be correlated.

Cane Corso Eye Shape

The Cane Corso has almond-shaped eyes. This will often give them a slightly oriental look. Like many other breeds, they have dark pigmentation around the outer corners of the eyes. This is to protect them against sun exposure and can vary in extent depending on the individual dog.

Cane Corso Eye Problems

Several eye problems are associated with this breed. Some are more common than others, but all should be taken seriously.

Entropion is a condition in which the lower eyelid rolls inward towards the eye. It may be mild or severe, depending on the extent of the issue. If left untreated, it can lead to corneal damage or rupture due to inflammation and rubbing against the cornea. This is a valid health concern that will need to be addressed by a veterinarian.

Ectropion is the opposite of entropion, in which the eyelid rolls outward. This will impair a dog's vision and may increase the potential for irritation or infection of the eye. It can also be uncomfortable for the dog, depending on how severe it is. If left untreated, it can become serious and eventually lead to blindness.

How Do Cane Corsos Get Cherry Eye?

Cherry Eye is a condition in which the gland of the third eyelid becomes swollen and protrudes from the eye. This can be caused by various factors, such as an infection, trauma, or genetics. It is often treated with surgery, but may also go away on its own. If left untreated, it can lead to blindness.

Cane Corso Cloudy Eyes

One of the most common eye problems in Cane Corsos is cloudy eyes. This may be due to several issue, such as entropion, ectropion, cherry eye, or other infections or injuries. It is important to take your dog to the veterinarian if you notice this, as it could lead to problems with the cornea. Cloudy eyes can also be a sign of cataracts in dogs.

Cane Corso Goopy Eyes

A common issue that Cane Corsos may have is goopy eyes. They will often form a thick discharge around the eye. This can be caused by allergies, infections, or other irritants. It can be helpful to clean your dog's eyes with a dilute salt water solution, using boiled water for sterility. If this becomes a chronic issue, or gets worse, it is advisable to take your dog to the vet, because it can lead to problems with the cornea.

Cane Corso Puppy Watery Eyes

One of the first things people will notice about a Cane Corso puppy is how big their eyes are. They will often have some degree of watery discharge, especially in the first few weeks of life. This is normal and will usually go away as they get older.

They may also get watery discharge from allergies or infections, which should be treated by a vet.

Cane Corso Puppy Droopy Eyes

As Cane Corsos grow older, their eyes may start to droop. This is a common sign of old age and shuld not cause any other problems. It can be a sign of muscle deterioration, but this is something that happens naturally as the dog ages.

Check The Eyes Of The Parents

If possible, get your breeder to introduce you to the parents of your puppy. This is always advisable, because it can give a number of indications of how your puppy is likely to turn out as an adult.

In terms of eyes, even a non-expert can see at a glance whether the parents have any of the issues covered above. If so, discuss it with your breeder.


A Cane Corso's eyes are said to be some of the most attractive and striking. They have a beautiful, dark appearance that is often compared with the eyes of a wolf.

Even though they are gorgeous, it is important to look out for the eye problems that your dog may be at risk for. If any of these issues should arise, make sure you take your dog to a vet as soon as possible to avoid complications.

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