Soundproof Dog Crate — The Truth

Updated Aug 30, 2022


Can You Soundproof A Dog Crate?

There are common misconceptions about soundproofing a dog crate. We'll set the record straight in this article.

You'll find articles claiming to have a solution for soundproofing a dog crate. I’d like to help you avoid wasting your time and money.

Can a dog crate be soundproofed? As a former professional musician, with a long history in recording, I can tell you categorically that you will never fully soundproof a dog crate.

People want to soundproof a dog crate for one of two reasons. Two perspectives, if you like. Some people want a sound proof dog crate to prevent loud noises from outside getting in and frightening their dog.

For example, fireworks are a well-known cause of fear and anxiety in dogs. So some people want to soundproof their dog crate to prevent noises like this from alarming their dog.

The second reason people want to soundproof their dog crate, is to stop any noise that the dog makes from being a problem. For example interrupting business phone calls, bothering their neighbors, waking them up, etc.

The first place that the whole concept falls over lies in the fact that your dog needs air to breathe. Whatever opening allows air in, also allows soundwaves in or out. For this reason alone, it is impossible to completely soundproof a dog crate.

But, all is not lost. A wire crate can be covered, to at least reduce the amount of sound which goes in or out. You won’t eliminate it, but you can reduce it.

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Acoustic Foam Panels

You’ll see all sorts of recommendations for the acoustic foam panel. This is foam which is about two inches thick, and has a pattern of peaks and valleys on one side, much like a cardboard egg box.

And, in fact, egg boxes were commonly used in pursuit of soundproofing many years ago. But they are also a soundproofing myth.

The thing to understand here, is that the foam products that resemble egg boxes, are not designed for soundproofing.

They are designed for acoustic treatment in a room, which is a different thing entirely. And, just like egg boxes, they do not work for soundproofing. They do not stop soundwaves getting in, or coming out.

They are designed to knock down standing waves at various frequencies within a room. They are intended to make the room neutral for reproduction or playback of recordings. They will achieve very little in terms of soundproofing.

To understand what you're up against, true soundproofing requires density on all six surfaces — four walls, ceiling and floor. To achieve true soundproofing, a room within a room is built. This is exactly what it sounds like. With a whole new wall of studding built on all six surfaces, isolated from the original room with something like neoprene, to prevent frequencies being transmitted via vibration.

Obviously, none of this can be done to a dog crate. But getting a glimpse of what is required to entirely isolate noise helps us to understand why we can't expect to.

As a dog owner seeking to soundproof a crate, you have to realize the context of what you are trying to achieve. And to recognize that it is just not practical.

Soundproofing Material

An old trick in sound recording was to cover the source of sound with moving blankets. These are padded blankets used in removals, to protect items of furniture. They substitute quite nicely for an acoustic blanket, or soundproof blanket

So you would cover your loud guitar amplifier with moving blankets, and the volume of the sound produced would be cut down dramatically.

The same principle can easily be applied to a dog crate. Covering the crate with a moving blanket will drastically reduce sound coming in or going out.

As mentioned before, the flaw in the concept is that you obviously have to make sure that air is getting in for your dog to breathe. And whatever gap you leave for air, will allow sound to pass just as easily as air. Because the soundwaves you hear are various frequencies mostly transmitted through air.

Nevertheless, although it is not 100% perfect, this simple solution can drastically reduce sound getting into the crate, or coming out of the crate.

Moving blankets can be purchased very cheaply at any home goods store.

Soundproof Dog Crate Cover?

Not really. You can purchase covers for your dog crate, but we already know they are not going to be truly sound proof.

A dog crate cover is a more tidy solution then draping it in moving blankets. Just understand, that the soundproof crate is a myth. Remember that sound reduction requires bulk in some form. Whether it’s a thick concrete wall, a room within a room, or a doubled up padded moving blanket, there must be bulk and density to cut down the transmission of sound.

A thin fabric crate cover will do little to reduce sound coming in or out. The heavier the padding in a cover, the better it will be for noise reduction.
You'll see adverts for a soundproof dog crate, or soundproof dog crate cover, but you now know this is not entirely accurate.

Hopefully, this gives you an understanding of the principles and concepts at play in attempting to soundproof a dog crate.

I hope also that this information will prevent you from going on an expensive wild goose chase with foam panels designed for an entirely different purpose.


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